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August 8, 2019

Jordan & Telyssa – Paris, France Engagement Session

It’s extremely possible that Paris engagement sessions are my very favorite. In Paris, my natural day-dreaminess and my love for romance are embraced by the city itself. I’m traveling to the Dominican Republic to shoot Jordan & Telyssa’s wedding next year, but we met in Paris for their engagement session. 

Jordan and Telyssa met all the way back in 6th grade in a small town in East Texas. They instantly became inseparable best friends. They finally started, secretly, dating in high school (’cause Texas small towns are conservative and religious AF.)  They followed each other to college, then pharmacy school, and through the first year of residency. All the while, keeping the true nature of their relationship secret because of the sheer fear of rejection from their friends and family. After their second year of residency, which they spent separated by distance, they couldn’t stand being apart and they finally came out. Much to their surprise, they were met with almost exclusively loving and positive reactions from their loved ones.

Telyssa gushing about the proposal she planned said, “Shortly after coming out to the world, I knew I wanted to propose. It felt so good to finally shout our love from the rooftops that I couldn’t wait any longer to call her my fiancé. I planned a proposal that would be a recreation of our favorite Valentine’s Day together, but better. There were Christmas lights, a well-timed playlist of all of our favorite love songs, a candle lit rose petal path leading to a heart made of rose petals, two rose bouquets, champagne, and a sign containing post-its of all the reasons why I wanted to marry her. Spoiler alert—she said yes.”

Witness all the dreamy Paris – SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS – goodness for yourself below.