June 17, 2019

Sarah & Tyler – Aubrey, Texas Wedding

Oh my gosh, Sarah & Tyler’s wedding was so full of heart and their family and friends REALLY showed up to celebrate them.

Sarah carried a locket with her grandmother’s photo in it wrapped around her bouquet.

Tyler could barely keep it together as his bride walked down the aisle as happy tears ran down his face. But, what the guests couldn’t hear was Tyler’s groomsmen as Sarah walked down the aisle. These guys were whispering to Tyler things like, “Dude, you are so lucky,” “Look how beautiful she looks,” “Tyler, you’re getting married.” These are the type of men you want for groomsmen! They were his personal hype-men all day.

The speechs, my gosh the speeches. Each father gave a speech at the reception that literally had tears down everyone’s face (including mine.) Sarah’s dad dug up and old radio recording from when she was little and called into a radio station to tell a joke and the DJ played it.

It is a million little moments and details like these that make a wedding so special. Sarah & Tyler your wedding and your love for each other are unforgettable. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day and trusting to document your love. Congratulations you guys.

Freaking Awesome Vendor Team: