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March 29, 2020

Teresa & Jonathon – Amsterdam

Teresa and Jonathon got married about six months ago in North Carolina. Teresa is from North Carolina, USA and Jonathon is from England. They met online playing a game called RuneScape years ago. Eventually, they started dating long distance and would visit each other when they could. They would play video games with each other constantly. And, some years down the line that English boy asked that small town girl to marry him, and she said yes. Now they’re happily married doing life together in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Oh, and they’re still playing all the video games together.

Naturally, we started the photoshoot with a nice cup of tea. I may or may not have had coffee, but dang that tea pot looks posh. We ran around Amsterdam exploring new places, taking old trams, trying to find all the cherry blossoms, and making all the art.