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December 30, 2019

2019 – A Year in Review

Holy cow, 2019 has been an insane year. This blog post is a weird little mix between my personal life and my business year because it all twines together.

It’s been a hard, wonderful, unbelievable year. I’ve spent countless hours crying on my kitchen floor, flying to whatever destination was next, adventuring through Amsterdam, and looking at my husband and talking about how we can’t even believe this is our life. I’ve happy danced in the middle of a cafe because I was so freaking excited about an inquiry I had just received. This year has been a whirl wind of happy times, missing my best friends, and all sorts of feelings in between.

If you’ve hired me to document your life this year, thank you so very very much. I can’t even tell you how much I love all of you, and how much I love getting to serve you in this way.

This blog post is a bit long, but I couldn’t bring myself to make it any shorter. This is still such a small summary of the year, but I did my best. So here it is in all it’s 2019 glory. *Chugs coffee.

Things that happened in 2019 worth noting:

On January 2, we moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands. My husband had been offered a job in October 2018, and after a million gazillion conversations we decided that we had to take it. Our first few weeks were cold, jet lagged, but happy.

I traveled back and forth to Texas a whole bunch for amazing weddings. Like a whole bunch, but I’m so dang glad because I LOVE Texas weddings so stinking much. I can’t wait to shoot my 2020 Texas weddings, see all my people, and eat the tacos. (Texas brides, I still shoot Texas weddings! Hit me up, and let’s get to chatting.) 🙂

I freaking got to travel to Paris, France TWICE this year for some freaking incredible LGBTQ+ engagement sessions. PARIS!

I traveled to Cancún, Mexico for Brittany & Shadley’s incredible destination wedding. Guys, can we just go back and do this all over again. Oh and Kleinfeld Bridal has shared photos from their wedding!

We had family and friends come stay with us in Amsterdam. Taylor, James, and Jones basically followed us right over. We hadn’t even found a rental yet when they came to visit. Caleb’s parents came to visit us over the summer, and it just happened to be a week when it was so hot.

I got to shoot a whole bunch of happy things this year. Here are some of my favorite non-wedding photoshoots from the year.

My brother got married and the whole family went home for two weeks.

We visited two castles in the Netherlands.

We’ve made friends here & explored this city endlessly. Here are some of our favorite memories from the year.

Dear 2020, we have no idea what adventures you will bring our way. But, let’s do this.