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May 12, 2019

Tips For Looking Hella Awesome (for your engagement session)

Tips For Looking Hella Awesome (for your engagement session)

Hey Guys. I finally took the time to write down some basic and tips and tricks for picking out your outfits for your engagement session. I hope this makes your life easier and gives you back all that time you might be spending debating on if you should both wear plaid, so you can spend it snuggled up on the couch re-watching How I Met Your Mother for the 70th time. 

1. Dress like you – Okay, so this should be obvious, but dress like yourself. At least, dress like yourself on your very best day when you’re REALLY feeling yourself. If you hate dresses, duh, don’t wear a dress. If you love your Converse and that’s all you wear, girl, wear the heck out of them. If your closet is full of gorgeous dresses, I won’t be mad. Do you.

2. Neutrals are Bomb – Really, they aren’t boring. Neutral colors keep the focus on you guys and all that love you’re showing off. They look great against any backdrop, and, let’s face it, they’re flattering on any body type.

3. Imagine Your Outfit in the Location We’re Shooting – You’d probably dress differently if your engagement session was in front of the Eiffel Tower than if your session was in the mountains. Take that into consideration. Dress, a little, for the space we will be in.

4. Makeup Did – Most of my brides like to have their wedding day test-run done for their makeup (sometimes hair too,) for their engagement session. This is great. Your makeup looks awesome and you’ll be confident on your wedding day that you’re gonna have the look you want. BUT: be really clear about what you want with your makeup artist. If you love a natural look and you hardly ever wear makeup, tell them!

5. Patterns and Bold Prints – I’m a pretty big fan of plaid shirts tied around my waist and floral everything. But, when it comes to photoshoots try to keep patterns and bold prints to minimum. For instance if she’s wearing a flowy floral print dress, a checkered shirt probably isn’t the best option for your partner. Ya got me?

6. Similar Feel, but Don’t Be Too Matchy-Matchy – You guys definitely wanna seem like you were both planning to be in a photo together, but please don’t be too matchy matchy. Like, don’t wear the exact same shade of blue erkay? But if you guys are both wearing cute hiking boots and rain jackets running around in the rain that’s some major goals.

7. Own It – Whatever you choose to wear, work it. Girl, you’re freaking beautiful. Seriously. Leave your self-doubt at home, because your engagement session is all about documenting how beautiful you guys are together. Be yourself, you got this. I believe in you.

I’ve added some awesome outfits from past engagement sessions below for inspiration. 🙂