November 12, 2018

Haley & Bryce // Warren’s Backyard Granbury, Texas Wedding

Haley and Bryce are from my little hometown of Tolar, Texas. Haley was actually on the same bus route as me growing up. Crazy right? They became boyfriend and girlfriend when they were only in fifth grade (cough, Cory and Topanga, cough.) 

Their wedding was at the beautiful Warren’s Backyard in Granbury, Texas surrounded by friends and family. Normally, when I photograph weddings there are some empty seats. When you are planning your wedding, they warn you that everyone you invite won’t show up. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house and there were actually quite a few people happily standing in the back. There was so much love and support for Haley and Bryce at this wedding that I can’t even handle it. 

Dearest Haley and Bryce, congratulations friends. I’m so very happy you found each other so young and grew up falling in love together.