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October 9, 2018

Sarah & Justen – Flower Mound, Texas Engagement

The first time I ever met Sarah, I also met her sister Sabrina. Sabrina joined Sarah at our wedding photography consultation. I knew right away that these two were best friends. Fun fact, Sarah met Justen (her now fiancé) at Sabrina’s husband’s family lake house. Justen is actually her brother in-laws best friend. Who here hasn’t dreamed of marrying your best friend’s (even if that wasn’t your sister) husband’s best friend? Just me? Think of the family Christmases! 

These two fell in love like they were straight out of a rom-com. They met at the lake house, stayed up talking, and kept seeing each other for a while until one of them eventually asked “what are we doing here?” Sabrina’s husband jokes that he even gave him a safe out and let him know if they didn’t date he’d still be welcome at the lake house. But, alas, Justen was smitten and the rest is history.

Justen and Sarah, you guys are adorable. I love how easily you laugh with each other, never ever forget that