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July 10, 2018

Chelsey & Kelsey // Downtown Dallas Engagement Session

Downtown Dallas Engagement Session

Chelsey and Kelsey, where do I even begin? These two met up with me in Downtown Dallas for their engagement shoot at 6:30am. It was so early that if you look closely you can see the sun coming up over the skyline in some of the photos. The light was soft and golden. They looked stunning together. I love couples who are totally fine snuggling into each other and really being themselves in front of my camera.

One of the things that I ask every couple is “What is your love story?” This was Kelsey’s answer and I’m smitten with these two.

“To start, we met 5 years ago at Pensacola Pride. Which is ironic since we both lived in Dallas. We casually dated but were young. We both are unsure why we stopped communicating after a a month or 2 but it just stopped. No harsh words or bad feelings. I guess we were just enjoying our youth. About 3 years later, we ran into each other at Happiest Hour. Which is funny because I (Kelsey) never went to Uptown. Wasn’t my scene. Chelsey Loved it and still does. Something sparked between us when we made eye contact. Still nothing came from it, but then after we ran into each other 2 more times, I knew I had to reach out to Chelsey. We both felt that even though there was no communication for years, we still somehow felt connected. It was then I had asked Chelsey out on a date.

From there it has been nothing but fireworks and deep, deep love. I proposed to her while taking “fall pictures” this past November. It was a feeling we both didn’t know how to describe. Incredible. My favorite part was after the proposal, I had all family and friends gathered and waiting at the bar/restaurant (Happiest Hour). That place was special for both of us because it was where we ran into each other, and that was when I knew my life was going to change. Since then we continue to grow with each other and love as if it’s our last day. So that’s our love story, in a nutshell.”