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June 20, 2017

Ronan’s Birth Story


Erin is one of my long time mama friends. We used to nurse our first babies together, eat cookies, and laugh about our general state of deliriousness. If you know me, you know that I can be super awkward and am always cracking stupid jokes. Erin is equally as awkward and quickly we determined that we are kindred spirits.

She welcomed her second son, Ronan Elliot, earthside on May 26. This kid already has an awesome story. Erin’s husband was working in England the day Ronan was born and was literally leaving England to come home the next day. This kid could not wait though, y’all. He was outta there.

Erin went into labor and called on her network of mama friends and headed to the Bella Births Birthing Center. Erin’s husband was on a video call with her basically through her entire labor. At one point he was in a Taxi with a colleague and the Taxi driver, and his wife was pushing a tiny human out of her with him on a video call. You can’t make this stuff up

She had an incredible water birth. I cannot believe how strong she is and easy she made it look. Erin you are a warrior.

Welcome to the world Ronan.