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April 11, 2017

Bobby Maguire :: Austin Fiddle

This month my friend Christine and I took a trip to Austin. We stayed downtown and rode bikes everywhere. I decided to ride my bike to the Capitol Building and walk around it aimlessly Monday evening. After a lovely visit and crashing a Senate Committee Meeting, I headed back down Congress to our hotel.

A few blocks down Congress st., I rode past a fiddle player whose music made me smile from ear to ear. I stopped and turned around. I had to go hear some more and learn a little about him.

His name is Bobby Maguire and he is a fiddle player, visiting a friend in Austin. He plays on the streets and in bands on the weekends. Bobby was born in London, and graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in music. Bobby’s love for music began at the age of five when he began studying the violin. He later learned to play the piano and organ.

He is simi-famous in Nantucket where he currently resides. People recognize him from playing on the streets and being published in many magazines and newspapers. The Nantucket Magazine said, “When asked what advice he would give fellow aspiring musicians, McGuire says, “Keep making noise. The key for success is to just do it as much as you can. You can never predict what’s going to happen.” Indeed, from playing his fiddle in front of King’s College in London, to playing on the streets of Nantucket, Bobby McGuire knows how to make royal sound on both sides of the pond.”

Keep on inspiring people Bobby, your art is incredible.